Attorney Frank Cassese secures acquittal in aggravated murder case, says verdict proves the criminal justice system works

Attorney Frank Cassese, leader of Betras Kopp LLC’s (BK)…
June 18, 2024/by bkm1

FTC strikes blow for economic freedom by banning non-compete clauses

Nearly every Thursday evening for more than 30 years I’ve…
May 9, 2024/by bkm1

David Betras, Brian Kopp announce plans for continued growth as their law firm marks 25th anniversary

Attorneys David Betras and Brian Kopp marked the 25th anniversary…
April 1, 2024/by bkm1

BKM Managing Partner David Betras scores a big win for Trumbull County Commissioner Niki Frenchko, democracy, and Constitutional rights in federal court…

Federal Judge rules Trumbull County officials repeatedly violated…
January 17, 2024/by bkm1

BKM suit alleges Bank of America conspired with the NFL and Daniel Snyder to force Robert Rothman and two other minority partners to sell their stake in the Washington Commanders

Attorney Brian Kopp, Managing Partner, BKM Complex Litigation…
December 29, 2023/by bkm1

A cautionary tale for gun owners and anyone who has been adjudicated as a juvenile delinquent

One of the fascinating things about trying criminal cases—and one of the things that will keep me at it until I fall over at my desk—is that you never know where the law and the facts will take you.
November 12, 2023/by bkm1

Do Trump gag orders pass constitutional muster? Probably not.

I tend to object to prior restraint, and while Mr. Trump has in the past made troubling statements, in my opinion he has yet to cross the line in this case. Of course, there’s still plenty of time, the trial is not scheduled to begin until March 2024.
November 12, 2023/by bkm1

Alford Pleas: understanding why innocent people sometimes plead guilty…

As I did last week, I have advised defendants to enter Alford Pleas. Why? Because although I revere the jury system, clients I knew to be innocent were convicted and received stiffer sentences than would have been imposed had they agreed to a plea deal.
November 12, 2023/by bkm1

Outcome of jury trials dependent on defense attorney’s experience, talent, skill

Yet, despite all the preparation and trepidation involved, I love jury trials and the jury system. And I’m not alone. Throughout history the jury system has been a foundational pillar of civilized societies.
November 12, 2023/by bkm1

Students’ right to privacy is limited in public schools, random searches of lockers/contents permissible under the 14th Amendment…

BKM Managing Partner David Betras

To the relief of parents…
September 26, 2023/by bkm1

Atty. David Betras, family members call for independent investigation of Betty Jean Winston’s death while in custody at the Mercer County Jail, 36-year-old was found lifeless in her cell after being maced and tased by deputies

Citing serious concerns and numerous unanswered questions…
August 18, 2023/by bkm1

Corporate greed, regulatory failures responsible for hundreds of deadly big rig accidents each year, BKM is fighting to make the roads safer by holding truckers accountable

BKM Managing Partner David Betras

Since MahoningMatters offered…
July 26, 2023/by bkm1
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